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The Studio's Story

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Located in the heart of Los Angeles CA, D Dance Spot Academy LA offers dance classes that range from pre-school to young adults in a family-friendly, safe, and supportive environment.

We aim not only to teach the art of dance but to give students a strong sense of confidence and achievement. We want students to reach their full potential, and leave their dance classes feeling happy and successful. Our philosophy is to provide our students with a safe, fun, and positive environment so dancers can encourage, motivate, and inspire each other. 

With our professional award-winning dance competitive instructors, we offer a wide range of classes and performance opportunities and truly can bring out the best in every dancer at all levels. Whether your interest is purely recreational or competitive and performance-based, D Dance Spot Academy LA will have the right class for you.

We are more than just a dance studio. We are family!

Join us and experience the spirit of dance!




Meet Karin!

Owner and founder of

D Dance Spot Academy

Karin Waizman is a professional dancer and choreographer with over 20 years of experience in Israeli Folk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and lyrical dance.

She has a Choreography degree from Tel Aviv University and a dance instructor certificate from Tel Aviv Sports Academy. 

After she was chosen to represent Israel in competitive performances locally and abroad, Karin co-founded D Dance Studio, a popular dance academy in North Israel with over 500 students. 

During her reach dancing career, Karin took part in many video clips of famous American and Israeli singers such as Pitbull, Static and Ben-El, Noa Kirel, and more.

In 2021 she made her dream come true and founded D Dance Spot Academy LA, for Hip Hop, Jazz, and contemporary lyrical dance classes, alongside professional instructors for Ballet, Breakdance, Gymnastics, and Aerial Acrobatics. 

Our Team


Marii Kawabatti

Marii was born and raised in Amami-Oshima, Japan, and moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to achieve both academics and a career in dance. After she trained in dance and received a degree from Santa Monica College, she worked with artists and companies such as Keshet Chaim, Seda Aybay (Kybele Dance Theater), Kobi Rozenfeld, and Amanda Coogan.

Her performance experience includes LADF Woman Rising August 2019, Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival 2019, Chop Shop Contemporary Dance Festival 2020, and Choreographer’s Carnival November 2019.

Her goal is to keep on traveling and performing, teaching, and creating around the world. She strives to expand her perspective of life and find more ways to express her true self as an artist.

Marii is the instructor of Ballet, Jazz, and Gymnastics at D Dance Spot Academy.


Elizabeth Ann Pointsette

Elizabeth is a Professional Dancer, Aerialist, Acrobat, Actress, and Instructor. She has trained at facilities such as High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, London Studio Center and graduated with an AA from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.  Her array of skills has been showcased with companies including Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers, Zerogravity, The Eclipse Show, Elite Entertainment Global, Edge of the World Entertainment, and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. National Tours with Luma Dance Theater, Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble, and Vans Warped Tour. Elizabeth appears on TV and in films and was honored to be an Aerialist in “Follow me” Directed by Will Wernick. She currently works as Production Manager, event manager, and lead Aerialist and dance captain for Elite Entertainment Global. She loves supporting her fellow artists and the entertainment industry and getting to create some of the most amazing experiences.

Elizabeth is an instructor of dance and acrobatics at D Dance Spot Academy. 

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Karin Uziyahoo

Karin Uziyahoo, beat known as UZA, is in the dance industry for more than 12 years, after graduating from Wingate Institute in Israel.
Over the past years, UZA has been working worldwide as a choreographer and dancer with the biggest artists and brands in the world, such as: Taylor swift, Victoria’s Secret, Huawei, Noa Kirel, Mergui, Omer Adam, Adidas, Nike, Pepsi, Coca Cola, X factor, The masked singer, Next star, Shiri Maimon, Ivri Lider, and more.

She is passionate about dance, has a strong understanding of Hip-Hop culture and music, and possesses excellent teaching and communication skills.

UZA is the instructor of the Hip Hop classes at D Dance Spot Academy. She is responsible to create and deliver engaging and high-energy dance classes that inspire students to learn, grow, and achieve their dance goals.

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Natalka Voitovych

Natalka Voitovych is a dancer and acrobat from Ukraine.  She specializes in acrobatics, acro dance, floorwork, acro tricks, gymnastics for dancers, and tumbling.  In dance styles, she specializes in contemporary, jazz-funk, and commercial dance.

Natalka started her adventure with dance and acrobatics at the age of 2 and half in the group "Viva Dancer" (Kherson, Ukraine).  She then developed her abilities in the ballet show "Status" (Kherson ,Ukraine) performing in the theater.  Her coaching career started in Ukraine, where she taught for 2 years before moving to Poland.

After going to study in Poland, she started teaching acrobatics at the Academy of Arts “Artia” (Wroclaw, Poland) where she taught children for 4 years.  She has also been a dance and acrobatics coach at a circus school "Flying Stars" (Wroclaw, Poland).

Lanaii Barrett

Dance teacher with 8 years of experience in the dance scene of Israel and Los Angeles. 

Lanaii’s journey through competitive dancing has given her a skill set that blends the styles of competition with the smoothness of contemporary movements and the hard beats of hip-hop.

Drawing from her Israeli dance heritage, global competition experiences, and passion for contemporary and hip-hop, Lanaii aims to create a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

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